Thursday, September 07, 2006


First Time Topless

On 7/17/2006 bunny said

Well, not counting the years between birth and puberty. I guess the first time topless in public was a couple years after we got married. We were vacationing in Hawaii and had heard it wasn't illegal to go topless there, as long as no one complained. So on Maui she finally took my suggestion (gave in to my pleading) and removed her top, first on a wide public beach on the south shore (not Little Makena, which is the well-known nude beach) one morning, with a few people scattered here and there. She got a lot of looks as she walked past them, but no complaints, so she stayed that way for an hour or so, in the surf and sunning on the sand, until we left. Then we went snorkling at a beach park on the road to Hana, and she didn't even put a top on to start with. Only a couple people there when we went in, about 25 to 30 when we came out, but she just walked right out as if this were totally normal. Again, lots of people stared but no one complained, so this gave her the confidence to make "bottoms-only" her usual beach attire whenever we went on beach vacations, and to dance at "amateur night" at a strip club, again while we were on vacation. Of course, I never discouraged her, and she's just kept raising the bar - and dropping her clothes - ever since!**Read More


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