Thursday, July 06, 2006


From Online To Real World Sex Adventures

On 7/05/2006 beck747 said

I had an interesting experience recently along these lines.

We have married friends in our city who are just casual friends... we've had dinner with them a time or two... nothing too intimate. My hyubby and I got to know each other online in chat rooms initially, and became good friends... then we met in person and the 4 of us had dinner. They are very religious... almost fanatical... and very conservative.

At one point, my hubby mentioned online to our friends' wife an experience I had had onetime driving across the plains states naked... and how I had gotten sunburned. She thought that was a hoot, and ribbed me endlessly about it.

Circumstances became such that I needed to drive my kids to a distant city (about 6 hours away, one way), and my hubby asked this friend's wife if she wanted to go along with me to keep me awake, help out, etc... to which she was very interested in doing.

Well, next thing I know, she's teasing me about whether I'm going to drive back (sans kids) "commando" as I had done before. Knowing how religiously conservative she is, I just played along, and told her "whatever."

That's when it got pretty interesting... she started sending me IM's via text messaging when she was on her phone, just to chat, and she brought up the subject again. Then she blew me away. She said, "I wanna see you naked." And she was serious. I said, "Seriously?," and she said.. after a long pause... "maybe." She's mentioned several times since then how much she's looking forward to this...
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