Saturday, December 03, 2005


Great Dating Success with AFF and SEX!

On 11/17/2005 kitkat0228 said

I always have had good luck with Aff.... I love to sign on to see who's been reading my profile I have been married for 26 years to someone who doesn't like sex...and I have been miserable for more than 15 years. I love to find good horny guys who need a little....and I always find someone...well I had meet a really nice guy and I finally met with him, we had only about 1 hour...and I was very nervous...he was easy to talk to, and he was a southern gentleman who now lives in California. Well, I had such a good time, he did me four different ways and all in a one hour time period....I later asked if that was natural, and he said he didn't use viagra....he had the best was large, and he made love missionary at first, then he did me with my legs over his shoulders and got me so deep, and my favorite was from the back doggy style...I was in heaven....we talked and it was amazing. He also asked me about my previous sexual experience, and I told him that I had been with a women, and she loves to eat my pussy, and I told him that myself and a friend fucked my old boss...just because. He was very interested and he suggested that we do a threesome next time....I told him I wanted him to myself for one more time, then maybe I would do him and his friend.....we both were so hot talking about all that, so we fucked again...fourth time in one hour....and he was good every time....hard and a good fuck. I love for him to get me all different ways, because he loves it as much as I do....and I love to have him in me, and I want to do him, and his friend....but I will tell you about that next time. **Read More


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